If you received an email with a link and the sent file is not appearing in your account, this is usually not a technical issue with your account. One of the following things may have happened:

  • Incorrect Login - Are you sure you are logging in with the EXACT email address to where the file was sent? Go to the email with the link and see what the email address is in the "To:" field. Some common mistakes to keep in mind:
    • Are you logging in with a different email? Do you have two or three different emails that you use? (iamcool@gmail.com, iamcool@hotmail.com, iamcool@aol.com, iusethisemailforjunkmail@gmail.com)
    • Apple emails often have different endings (myemail@mac.com, myemail@me.com, myemail@icloud.com). You can receive an email in your inbox if someone sends a file to any of these email address.
    • Gmail allows you to set up multiple aliases, (n@gmail.com, name@gmail.com, firstnamelastname@gmail.com). You can receive an email in your inbox if someone sends a file to any of these email addresses.
  • Passed Expiration Date - Did the file expire?
    • Are you a lite user? Files in lite user accounts expire after one week. You can upgrade your account if you need more time. 
    • In your email where you received with the link, at the bottom it says the date and time that the file will expire. Has that passed? Contact the sender and ask them to extend the expiration date.
  • Revoked Access - Did the sender revoke the file?
    • Sometimes people send the wrong thing or need to revoke a file for some reason. If so, you will need to contact the person who sent you the file to have them resend the file to you.
    • Were you removed from a project? Contact one of the current project admins to have them link you back in. 

If you are expecting a file, but have not received an email with a link:

  • Contact the sender and confirm that they sent the file to the correct email address.