If you are getting this error message, the sender has asked that you only view the file on one device, and you are attempting to open the file on a second device. You can ask the sender to reset the lock by clicking on the "Reset Lock Request." This will send an email to the sender asking them to reset the lock. If this is urgent, you can reach out to the sender directly.

Note: If you first accessed the file on a desktop computer, make sure you continue to access the file from the same browser you used initially. If there is a lock on the file, it will not open if you try to access it again on a different browser.


You might also be seeing this message because:

A) You cleared your cache or history, or

B) You don't have cookies enabled on your browser, or 

C) You deleted or reset our app. 

We understand this can be frustrating, but the sender chose to enable the lock for security purposes. The only option you have to access a file on a second device, in this case, is to contact the sender and ask them to reset the lock.